A breast cyst is an accumulation of fluid within the breast, often resulting in breast lump that you can feel. If you find any breast lump, whether you think it is a cyst or not, it is essential to consult your health care provider as soon as possible.

Most breast cysts can be very small and will only show up on ultrasound scans, and these are termed “microcysts.”
Most women have a few tiny cysts. They are more common than freckles.

About 25% of breast cysts enlarge gradually into big-enough cysts to become a palpable breast lump. Breast cysts are extremely common, and are thought to occur in as many as 1/3 of all women between the ages of 35 and 50.

Even more common than that. As modern ultrasound machines have gotten better and better, just about everyone has a tiny cyst, if you deliberately hunt for them.

It is important to note that breast cysts are a benign lesion and do not progress to breast cancer and do not increase the risk of cancer.

However, depending upon the features of the cyst in particular, the amount of solid elements inside it, it might have the remote chance that a malignant breast cancer somewhere in the background is the root cause of the cyst.

The chances of an epidermoid cyst actually being related to malignant breast cancer, however, are extremely low; not even a 1/2 % chance.

Medical methods are often invasive and painful and the real problem is that it often happens recurrences after medical treatment. In addition to that, we found and tried a natural remedy for cysts that is easy to make.

The main ingredient of the remedy is aloe cactus.


  • One pound raw organic honey
  • 0.75 liters red wine
  • Half kilo of coffee from chicory
  • 150 grams of organic aloe leaves without spikes (the plant can’t be watered last 7 days before picking the leaves).


Clean out the aloe leafs from the spines and grind them in a meat machine or a blender. Add the other ingredients and mix them well. You will need a bigger jar in which you can put 3 liters of the mixture.

Then, you should leave the jar in a dark and cooler place for 14 days. After standing, pour the mixture through a gauze and put it in a glass bottle. The mixture is now ready for use.

Drink it two hours before meal three times a day and use one tablespoon. It is also important that the stomach is empty before and after consummation and you shouldn’t mix it with food.

When you are towards the end of the mixture make another dose and continue the consummation until its deplete.

According to the testimony of many people who have tried the drink most of the cysts disappear, especially the smaller ones in the chests and around the kidneys and female organs. Usually, two doses are sufficient.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you use this drink for prevention and for improving the general condition of the body and also for increasing the immune system.

Children can also use this cure but with a lesser dosage adjusted to their weight (this measure of full tablespoon is for an adult of 60-70and for example, a child of 35 kg can use half tablespoon three times a day).



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