Dramatic Video Captures Moment Navy Saves Drowning Elephant

Stunning footage has surfaced of an elaborate rescue operation to save a drowning elephant that got swept away 5 miles into the ocean off of Sri Lanka’s coast. (scroll down for video)

The dramatic video shows the Sri Lankan Navy using multiple ships, ropes, and human divers to secure the massive mammal and attempt to return it to shores.

Hailed as a “miraculous escape for the elephant,” the rescue lasted 12 hours and was originally prompted after a vessel spotted the animal struggling to stay afloat.

Throughout the footage, the animal’s trunk is seen poking high up above the water for air:

At a later point, you can see one Navy diver straddled on the elephant’s back in an attempt to string a rope around its body to haul it back to land using the ships.

According to a spokesman for Sri Lanka’s Navy, Chaminda Walakuluge, “They usually wade through shallow waters or even swim across to take a short cut.”

Surprisingly enough, this is not the first time the country’s Navy successfully executed animal rescue operations.

Only 6 weeks ago, they banded together with some locals in Trincomalee to save 20 stranded pilot whales.

You Can Watch The Incredible Rescue Video Here:

Daily Mail

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